Our Mission Is To Simplify Investment Research

Nirvana introduces a new way to analyze markets and identify opportunities. No spreadsheets and slides. Just visually pleasing and intuitive analyses

The Manifesto

We propose a fundamental shift in the experience and outcome of stock market research. Specifically, we focus on price action based analyses that has long been ignored with hardly any tools available especially for India markets.

At this point we are focusing on 500 stocks of NSE (National Stock Exchange India) and sector indices of NSE. This universe is mostly enough for most institutional investors in Indian markets. These stocks have most liquidity in the market and represent broad market effectively. When we perfect our tools on this segment, conquering others would be a breeze. This app will be rapidly expanding and adding new features very quickly.

The small beginning affords us nimbleness to quickly roll out updates and new features. But the tech itself is very scalable and can scale to multiple asset classes, exchanges and global capital markets very soon.

Custom Analytics

We are happy to privide highly customized suitable for specific needs. While we take pride in the tools we developed and made available for general consumption, we understand that some situations need specialized solutions. Indeed, if one keeps playing with these tools, new ideas are bound to spring up and we will help you explore them.


We love to hear from like minded people. If you like what we are doing and would like to collaborate please contact us.