Market Intelligence... Commoditized

Introducing Visual Analytics.
Finding investment opportunities will never be the same again

Scalpel And Hammer

Nirvana offers a holistic approach to investment research and tools fit for the need.
We empower and enable. Our mission is to make the most sophisticated professional tools commoditized and available to everyone.

Screen Like A Ninja

One of a kind stock screener. What stocks to buy and what to sell? And more importantly, when? Equally, if not more, important is what's a no-go

Top Down Or Bottom Up?

Take your pick. We don't judge. We facilitate. Start with broad market indice and drill down to stocks. Or do it the other way round.

Spare Me Jargons?

Not interested in market jargons? Couldn't be bothered about volatility and regression and technical indicators? Get the lunch first and learn to cook it in your own free time and free will


Most rely on or rather are forced to rely on word of mouth recommendations for the adventurous kind or plain old SIP or mutual funds for the conservative ones. A lot of smart and educated people would love to and want to dig deeper but can't because of lack of tools. Many more don't get started for the same reasons. We believe the most important concern after health deserves fresh perspective and ideas. And we believe they should be democratized.


It's the journey form 'I just don't get it' to ''s beginning to make some sense now' that ultimately builds trust and transparency in the markets and encourages participation. Not just monetary but also intellectual.

Once that mental barrier is broken, one can go from a bumbling jack to informed decision maker remarkably quickly.

Our endeavor is to facilitate this journey through simple and intuitive tools that not only make sense to purists and punters alike but also make them fun and easy.


Analyze the entire market in one go. Screen stocks using a myriad of criteria and find the needle in the stack of needles. Approach the market a whole or start from specific stocks you are familiar with and take it from there. All roads lead to objective and rational conclusions.


Few intuitive and interactive tools rather than pages of technical mumbo-jumbo. Assimilate knowledge fast . If it is not quick and actionable it's not useful.

Deep Insights

Explore the characteristics of your investments like never before. Our philosophy here is to make products to aid human imagination not stifle it by providing black-box magic solutions. Better imaginations means better research means better identification of opportunities.


Money matters are taken seriously..way too seriously as they should be. Just because it's serious does not mean it should be intimidating. Experience how much fun investment research could and should be. Have fun clicking and dragging.